New version

Invoicing and Sales Ledger

New version No. 6.12.1007 - Date 23/12/2011

Edit invoice form
To edit the invioice form field names, select 'Dictionary' from the 'Basic data' menu.

Add your own logo
Add your own logo to the invoice form.

Create a new Invoice as a copy of any previous invoice

New grouping
Reports by invoicing methods, by payment methods and by sellers

Invoices by E-mail
Send invoices by E-mail from the invoice editing window. Read more...

7 languages
User interface of the software and reporting in seven languages: English, German, France, Italian, Spanish, Svedish and Finnish. Customers' invoicing forms can be printed using the Customer's language.

Currency conversions


Chart of Accounts, Journal, Nominal Ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement

Automatic VAT calculation
Automatic monthly VAT calculation and VAT reports

Bookkeeping by departments and automatic reporting by departments in PRO-PLUS version.

News - Own logo and E-mail invoice

Use your own logo

my logo

Now you can place your own company logo at the top of the invoice form. Edit your logo to fit the invoice form and copy the logo picture file to the invoicing program. You can use colours. If you send the invoice by e-mail in the pdf-format, the logo is seen in its original colours.

If needed, the logo may cover all the printable area as a watermark.

The new PRO-PLUS -version contains this option. Update your software to add your logo to the invoice form.

Send invoices by e-mail


Now you can send invoices quickly and easily by e-mail as a pdf-document. The customer can print the invoice in its original layout.

New update to PRO-PLUS version contains e-mail invoicing option.

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A-Invoice - registered mini-version

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A-Invoice - Invoicing and Sales Ledger PRO-PLUS

Complete reporting, multi-language, multi-currency. 1-4 companies.

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Bookkeeping registered mini-version

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Bookkeeping PRO-PLUS Complete reporting with departments, 1-4 companies

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Invoicing and Sales Ledger + Bookkeeping PRO-PLUS

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