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Invoicing and Sales Ledger

New version No. 6.12.1007 - Date 23/12/2011

Edit invoice form
To edit the invioice form field names, select 'Dictionary' from the 'Basic data' menu.

Add your own logo
Add your own logo to the invoice form.

Create a new Invoice as a copy of any previous invoice

New grouping
Reports by invoicing methods, by payment methods and by sellers

Invoices by E-mail
Send invoices by E-mail from the invoice editing window. Read more...

7 languages
User interface of the software and reporting in seven languages: English, German, France, Italian, Spanish, Svedish and Finnish. Customers' invoicing forms can be printed using the Customer's language.

Currency conversions


Chart of Accounts, Journal, Nominal Ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement

Automatic VAT calculation
Automatic monthly VAT calculation and VAT reports

Bookkeeping by departments and automatic reporting by departments in PRO-PLUS version.

Invoicing - Quick start

Invoicing - Quick start - Basic data

After the installation you can see company information, one customer, one product and one invoice as an example. You do not have to delete the existing data. When you start your own invoicing, use the example data as a reference and instead of deleting, overwrite the existing data with your own data.

Company After you start using the program, you can overwrite the example data with your own company data in the 'Company' -window. The edited data is saved automatically, when you close the window.
Customers Overwrite the example data with the data of your own customers in the 'Customers' -window. The edited data is saved automatically, when you close the window, click the 'New' -button or move to another customer data. Add new customer by clicking the 'New' -button.
Products Overwrite the example data with the data of your own products in the 'Products' -window. Add new product by clicking the 'New' -button.
Invoices In the 'Invoices' -window you can see an example invoice. Overwrite the example data with the data of your own invoices. Preview the invoice by clicking the 'Preview' -button or print the invoice by clicking the 'Print' -button in the toolbar at the top of the window. Add new invoice by clicking the 'New' -button.

VAT calculation

Select VAT calculation method Select the VAT calculation method in the 'Company' -window. The alternatives are: 1. VAT included in prices 2. VAT added to prices. This selection is ignored if you sell goods or services, with the zero rate VAT or which are exempt from VAT.


Bank reference

Select bank reference calculation method If you need a reference number, which your customer enters to payment data, then select Bank reference calculation method in the 'Company' -window from the field list 'Bank reference'. By using bank reference number, you can post payments automatically to invoices. This automatic payment posting method requires that the reference number is integrated to the bank account and payment system.

The new RF Creditor Reference (standard ISO 11649) is designed for use in an automated processing environment. The RF Creditor Reference calculation will be added to software later after it can be used in payment processing.

If you need a reference number calculation different from the alternatives, shown in the 'Bank reference' selection list, then, please, fill in the support form in our pages and describe the payment reference system of your bank.


Invoicing step by step

1. Invoice no Select 'Invoicing' / 'Invoices' from program menu. The 'Invoices' -window appears.

The first invoice number is 1001. You can change the invoice number to correspond with your own invoice number system. Use only numbers and keep the number as short as possible.
2. Date Enter thedate of the invoice and press the Tab -key. If you are using a bank reference number system, then the program calculates the reference number when you edit the date of the invoice.
3. Customer Add a customer to the invoice from the customer selection list. The customer selection list appears when you move the cursor to the 'Customer id' field and press 'Control-Enter'. Alternatively, you can select a customer by entering the customer number and pressing the Tab -key.
4. Terms of payment Select terms of payment from the list. The program calculates due date by adding the number value in the terms of payment string to the invoice date.
5. Delivery date
Delivery info
Our reference
Interest rate
Enter other invoice data, i.e. delivery date, delivery info, reference, our reference and interest rate of delayed payments.
6. Product rows Move the cursor to the column 'Product' in the table at the bottom of the window. Pick a product from the product selection list. The product selection list appears, when you press 'Control-Enter'. Alternatively, you can select a product by entering the product code and pressing the Tab -key.

You can widen and restrict the column widths. Drag the column border at the column title row to left or right to restrict the width or to widen the width of the column. The width control of the columns works the same way as in normal spreadsheet programs. You can also hide columns using this method. If you don't need the 'Discount %' and 'Discount' -columns then hide these columns.
7. Amount and unit price Move the cursor to the column 'Amount', enter the amount of delivered products and press the Tab -key. Change the unit price of the product if necessary. The program calculates the VAT, the total sum of the row and the total sum of the invoice.
8. Preview and print Preview the invoice by clicking the 'Preview' button on the toolbar. Print the invoice from preview window or by clicking the 'Print' -button. If you create several invoices at the same time, you can print them all by selecting 'Reports' / 'Invoices' / 'Invoice form' from the program menu.
9. Creating new invoices Create new invoice by clicking the 'New' button at the toolbar. New invoice popup menu appears and you can create a new invoice by copying all or part of the current invoice. The program automatically creates the invoice number, i.e. 1002. Continue entering invoice data according to step 2.


Select language in three levels (1) Select user interface language during installation,
(2) Select reporting language for companies in the 'Company' -window,
(3) Select language for printed invoices in the 'Customers' -window.


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