New version

Invoicing and Sales Ledger

New version No. 6.12.1007 - Date 23/12/2011

Edit invoice form
To edit the invioice form field names, select 'Dictionary' from the 'Basic data' menu.

Add your own logo
Add your own logo to the invoice form.

Create a new Invoice as a copy of any previous invoice

New grouping
Reports by invoicing methods, by payment methods and by sellers

Invoices by E-mail
Send invoices by E-mail from the invoice editing window. Read more...

7 languages
User interface of the software and reporting in seven languages: English, German, France, Italian, Spanish, Svedish and Finnish. Customers' invoicing forms can be printed using the Customer's language.

Currency conversions


Chart of Accounts, Journal, Nominal Ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement

Automatic VAT calculation
Automatic monthly VAT calculation and VAT reports

Bookkeeping by departments and automatic reporting by departments in PRO-PLUS version.

Frequently asked questions


Q: Can I use the program in Windows 7?
A: The program is a normal Windows program and it can be used in all Windows systems from Windows 98 to XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Q: If I buy the PRO or PRO-Plus version, is it installed separately or under mini-version?
A: PRO version installation is not necessary, if you have the mini-version. You only save user licence information and the program changes to PRO, PRO-PLUS or Multi-Company -version.

Q: Is there a way of making a backup copy of my data?
A: You can make backup by selecting 'Data backup' in 'Tools' -menu.

Q: I tried to download mini-version, but could not accept installation, because of the message 'Unknown publisher...'. Can I continue installation?
A: The message 'Unknown publisher...' and other similar messages are common Internet explorer warnings. Usually this does not give information about any particular program, but warnings are common reminders of Internet risks. No special risks are registered in setup programs, which you download from our pages.

Q: I tried to install, but there is an error message "...Delete File failure; error 5..."
A: Some installation file is used by AC Balance Software or by another program. If you already have installed our software and the AC Balance software is running, then, before installation, you must close the AC Balance Software. Click 'Retry' to proceed installation, when AC Balance Software is closed. If you see this warning and the AC Balance Software is closed then click 'Ignore' to proceed installation.

Using the Bookkeeping software

Q: Is it possible to use different entry / reference number series for entries?
A: No. The program handles the entry reference number automatically starting from the number one in each accounting period. The different transaction types can be reported separately using the transaction type field in the Journal entry -window.

Q: Can I start in the middle of the accounting period?
A: Yes. You can save the original starting balances to the accounts in the Balance sheet. The debit and credit values from the beginning of the accounting period can be posted to each account in one entry, one entry row for each account.

Q: Can I change the language of the program interface and reports?
A: No. The Bookkeeping program currently is available only in English.

Q: The Invoicing and The Bookkeeping are different software modules. Why?
A: Both programs are included in the same executable program and their user interface is similar. The program modules are separated to different folders and different database files, which gives you more freedom to enter invoices to the Invoicing program an to post transactions to the Bookkeeping program. Both programs: Invoicing and Bookkeeping are easier to use as separate modules.

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A-Invoice - registered mini-version

€49.00 EUR

£44.00 GBP

A-Invoice - Invoicing and Sales Ledger PRO-PLUS

Complete reporting, multi-language, multi-currency. 1-4 companies.

€129.00 EUR

£115.00 GBP


Bookkeeping registered mini-version

€49.00 EUR

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Bookkeeping PRO-PLUS Complete reporting with departments, 1-4 companies

€129.00 EUR

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A-Invoice + Bookkeeping

Invoicing and Sales Ledger + Bookkeeping PRO-PLUS

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